Advent Tea 4: Organic Sweet Almond Green

On the four day of tea, advent tea brought to me an organic sweet almond green tea. I blame CBC for the Christmas style introduction – their radio programming was very holiday centric this morning.

I find flavoured green teas often miss the mark.  The flavour tends to be overpowering and the tea ends up being more like a herbal tea than a green.  The sweet almond green seems to have struck a good balance of added sweetness and green tea goodness.

The tea had a sweet smell and tastes of almonds with green tea.  So the name is pretty accurate.  Good without any additives…though I’m probably a poor judge considering I drink all of my tea plain.

Advent Tea 3: Orange Pekoe

After two days of flavoured fruity teas I was actually pretty overjoyed this morning to discover that today’s tea is a simple loose leaf orange pekoe.  Being a black tea this selection actually has caffeine which is also a nice change to the previous two days.

When I think of curling up with a book and some tea I tend to think of black tea.  This particular tea is a fairly standard orange pekoe, nothing fancy but tasty. I’ve had better (think loose leaf tea bought in England) but I thoroughly enjoyed this morning’s cup of tea.

Advent Tea 2: Mango Madness


Day 2: Mango Madness

Mango Madness.  A nice alliterative name.  The name also reminds me of a descriptive crayon name for shade of yellow.

Today’s tea surprise was mango madness, a white tea with low caffeine.  The smell is overwhelmingly mango but the taste is a more subtle fruit blend.  It’s apparently a mixture of mango, orange, and pineapple.

The tea is a bit on the sweet side and  might be good as a mid afternoon break.  I found the sweetness a bit much first thing in the morning.


Advent Tea 1: Sleigh Ride

First Day of #24daysoftea

First Day of #24daysoftea

December = the month of ALL the tea.  This December I’m partaking in the #24daysoftea advent calendar from Davids Tea.  Today’s tea was a Christmas themed tea called “Sleigh Ride.”

The tea was bright red and smelled of slightly of cinnamon mixed with cranberries.  I’m not a huge herbal tea drinker — and tend to dislike anything with ‘berry’ in the name or description.  Sleigh Ride was subtle enough that I didn’t mind it.  It wouldn’t be my go to choice of tea but it wasn’t bad for the first selection.  Looking forward to 23 more days of tea ahead!

Tea Time

TeaA few years ago I heard about DAVIDsTEA 24-days of tea advent calendar.  Basically it’s a advent calendar that is filled with tea and each day is a different blend of loose leave tea.

Previously I always forgot when the calendars went on sale and missed the small window of opportunity to get my hands one.  Apparently I’m not alone in thinking this a fantastic idea for anyone who loves tea.  It has to be healthier than a chocolate calendar.

This year a co-worker reminded me about the 24-days of tea — and last week a wonderful calendar filled with tea arrived in the mail.  The only downside, I now have to wait until December to try any of the tea.

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