Knitting Update: Boot Cuffs

cuffAnother knitting project completed!  This weekend I managed to finish the boot cuffs I’d been working on.  I’m happy with how they turned out – the square pattern is pretty awesome and they look nice enough that I can wear them in public.  Plus they go well with tights and one of my favourite pair of boots…winning all around.

This project was also a chance to use some of the yarn that was gifted to me awhile ago by a friend.  There is a few skins of gorgeous mohair still waiting to be shaped into something.  I’ve been trying to gain the confidence to knit something Outlander inspired.  It might be time.

Knitting Update: Cowl

Knitting Achievement Unlocked: Cowl.

Knitting Achievement Unlocked: Cowl.

I finished my most recent knitting project last week.  And it didn’t take two years like that never ending blanket!

It’s by no means perfect but I’m very proud of myself for actually finishing the cowl that I set out to knit.  I had a few false starts where I ended up ripping out the project and starting again.  But it knitted up amazingly quick – one of the benefits of using a bulk weight yarn.  I also really enjoy that knitting the round results in the stockinette stitch which is beautiful without any embellishment.

Still riding on the high of this achievement I’ve started another small knitting project – boot cuffs.  Hopefully this forward momentum continues.

New Knitting Project

I recently settled on a new knitting project.  I’m going to try to learn how to knit in the round.  I’m doing this with hopes of knitting a cowl.  The inspiration for this particular project came from the desire to knit something other than a scarf, blanket, or square and the beautiful knitted cowls that are featured on Outlander.

Here’s hoping this project doesn’t take as long as my most recent two-year blanket knitting project.

Crafting and Never Ending Knitting

Years ago I helped teach Sunday School at the church my family attended.  The lesson plans often included a bible story followed by a short craft.  I vividly remember a small child laughing at my attempts to make a craft and pointing out how superior their craft was.  Needless to say my confidence in my crafting abilities is pretty low. Despite this I’ve taken on a few small craft projects in recent years – often as presents for Andrew.

I also started learning to knit a few years.  My first project was a small scarf.  I watched YouTube videos, pulled out lots of stitches, and eventually managed to knit a scarf that included knit and purl stitches.  It wasn’t perfect but I learned a lot and felt awesome for knitting something.

Not wanting to get too fancy for my second project I decided I would knit a blanket — blankets are just like huge scarves for your lap right?  Two years later I’m finally putting the finishing touches on this seemingly eternal knitting project.  I get marks for preserving, right?  I think I’ll pick something much smaller for my third knitting project.