Reading: Chicks Unravel Time

As I mentioned earlier my Doctor Who love has recently ratcheted up into overdrive and I’ve been on a consume all the cool Doctor Who things.  Well, maybe not all the things as there is a huge world of fandom and a unbelievable number of official/unofficial writings, comics, and audio recordings relating to Doctor Who. […]

Beer of the Month: Cameron’s Auburn Ale

The second set of beers in the most recent beer of the month shipment were from Cameron’s Brewery. Based in Oakville, Ontario the family run craft brewery has been around since 1997 and  is dedicated to creating quality all natural brews. So far I tried their Auburn Ale, which based on their website has recently been […]

Beer of the Month: Strathroy Brewing

Andrew and I finally got around to trying some of the beer that was delivered the last week of January.  This month’s selection included two beers from Strathroy Brewing.  Back in September we tried the 1815 Lockstock Ale by Strathroy Brewing.   As soon as I saw the bottle label for these couple of beers […]

Radio Dramas: Torchwood

As I mentioned a few posts ago, my love for Doctor Who is relatively new and up until now it has primarily been restricted to religiously watching the television series and occasionally diving into some of the classic episodes.  However recently at work I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts talking about Doctor Who […]