Beer of the Month: Syndicate Brewing

The other two beer selections in the recent beer of the month shipment were from Syndicate Brewing in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Both beers were simply named and their labels were very plain — I like to think that more effort went into the brewing than into the marketing of these beers. In a nice turn […]

Science North – The Child Edition

Cross-posted from Krista’s public history blog Historical Reminiscents I’m definitely more of a history buff than a science person, but as you might have guessed by the numerous times I’ve written about it I think Science North is a pretty awesome place.  It’s rarely crazy busy, encourages hands on learning, and is a perfect size […]

Watching and Reading: Outlander

Despite it being the year of no Doctor Who, I’m still extremely giddy about all the awesome SF/F and historical fiction television that is starting up again this Spring.  Lets just say there has been a couple of squee moments when I’ve realized that things like Outlander, Orphan Black, and 12 Monkeys have started being […]

Beer of the Month: Barnstormer Brewing Company

Andrew and I were both finally feeling well enough to sit down an sample a couple of craft beers.  The most recent Beer of the Month Club shipment included two selections from the Barnstormer Brewing Company (BBC).  The BBC was established in 2013 in Barrie, Ontario.  All of their beers are unfiltered, they don’t pasteurize, […]

Update: Travels and Social Media

Nearly a month has gone by since my last post – apparently we’ve been busy.  What have we been up to?  Traveling, playing in the snow, playing outside in what looked like the beginnings of Spring, fighting seemingly never ending colds, and trying to stay afloat. Here are some of the highlights: In March I […]