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Volkan Brewery and Greek Debt

GreekDebtAndrew and I are still working our way through our July beer of the month delivery.  This shipment included two selections from the Volkan Brewery in Greece.  One of the most interesting parts of these two beers was a small logo on the side of the bottles which indicated the beer is a certified “Greece Debt Free Product”.

Essentially for each 1 euro of profit Volkan Brewery will help reduce the Greek National debt by 50 euro cent through the purchasing of Greek government bonds in international markets.  More about the Greek Debt Free program can be seen here. Of course the logo caused Andrew to joke that he was being a good global citizen by drinking tasty beer.

The two beer selections from Volkan that we sampled were the Santorini blonde pilsner and the Santorini black lager. Both beers are brewed with Santorini honey. The pilsner was a fairly generic tasting blonde, good on a hot day but nothing spectacular. The black lager was a bit more complex with nutty, mild chocolate malt flavour and accompanying aroma. On a whole I wasn’t overly impressed with the Volkan beers, but they did make for interesting conversation around economics and social conditions.

So far in cases where the beer of the month delivery included an Ontario and an Italian or Greek beer both Andrew and I have preferred the Ontario brew.  It seems like this was the case in July as well.

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