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Hefewizen Adventure

20151001_084003Andrew and I recently sampled two Hefewizen beers – Hey Day Hefewizen by Granville Island Brewing and Hop & Weizen by Creemore Springs.  Prior to this adventure I didn’t know a whole lot about Hefewizen style beers.

Apparently they are typically brewed in the south German style of wheat beer, use a yeast that sparks banana and spice flavours, often with notes of bubblegum or apples.  The ‘Hef’ prefix means ‘with yeast’ so most appear unfiltered and cloudy.

Both of these selection’s fit the bill as mild Hefewizen style betters.  The Hop & Weizen was very yellow in colour and was moderately hoppy. There was thin note of banana and it finished with a spice flavour (possibly clove?).  It was fairly smooth drinking and would be great on a sunny day.

The Hey Day was light and the had more overt banana flavouring.  The hops were a bit milder on this one and Andrew enjoyed it over the Creemore selection.  I didn’t love either of these beers — but that might have more to do with the style of Hefewizen beers than the individual brews.

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