Advent Tea 7: North African Mint

Yesterday’s tea was my favourite calendar tea to date so this morning’s tea had a bit of work to do to impress me.  The organic North African Mint has a slight minty smell and I had hopes that it would be green tea tasting with a hint of mint.  The flavour I associate with green tea is very subtle in this brew and is overpowered by mint, reminding me more of an herbal mint tea than anything.

This green tea has mint, cardamom, ginger and licorice.  There is also fennel, clove, and black pepper in the tea but it’s hard to make out those bits in the dry tea and I didn’t really get a taste of any of those ingredients.  Even the ginger and licorice taste are fairly muted with the mint overpowering everything. It’s a good mint tea – but I think as mint tea’s go I still prefer the St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters T Line peppermint tea if I’m looking for a soothing, stomach calming tea.

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