Advent Tea 16: Japanese Sencha

I love that this tea is simply green tea.  No added ingredients no attempt to be something it isn’t.  Just wholesome green tea. After reading about the tea I was careful not to over steep the brew and tried to make sure my water wasn’t super hot.  It steeped a nice light green and had a lovely grassy earth flavour.  A good green tea.

Despite my watchful eye while steeping I should have used one of my finer infusers.  The one I used this morning has larger holes that some of my finer metal based ones which resulted in my tea having bits of leaf floating around in it.  Not a huge deal, but something to remember if I brew it again.  The bit of floating leaf actually reminded me of being served tea in Ireland and it taking me a second to realize that it was loose leaf and I needed to pour through a filter.

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