Advent Tea 18 & 19: Forever Nuts and Dark Chocolate Delight

Day 18 and day 19 were two very different teas. Forever Nuts was another fruit infusion that doesn’t have any actual tea in it. It is a mix of apples, almonds, cinnamon, beetroot, and artificial flavor. It reminded me of the banana nut bread tea though this was apple fruity instead of banana. It poured a light red and you could smell the cinnamon. It reminded me of apple cider.

On the other hand the Dark Chocolate Delight tea was actual black tea infused with spiced dark chocolate, blueberries, cocoa shells and a mild chocolate flavor. I even convinced Andrew to have a taste of this one — it was too tea tasting for is like but not bad. I found his description funny as I was wishing there was more of a tea taste. Different preferences in hot beverages! This selection was a mild version of Hot Chocolate tea… with a barely noticeable hint of blueberry.

So basically day 18 and day 19 felt a bit like repeats to me. They were both very similar to teas already included in the advent calendar.



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