Selfies scare me.  I admit it.  I’m not sure why – something about the image itself, combined with the trendiness, and the perceived narcissism just sits oddly with me. But I recently stumbled across an initiative called #365feministselfie.

The project was started in response to some criticism about the selfie culture and images created by women generally.  It encourages women to take selfies, to share images of real female bodies, and to conquer the “fear of seeing yourself every.single.day.” This idea resonated with me.  I think it’s important to have positive female images out there and that we don’t stop often enough to really see ourselves.

Selfies still scare me.  But I’ve taken a few and thrown them up on Instagram (@kris2335) with the #365feministselfie hashtag. Plus it’s given me a chance to take some snaps of some of my lovely TeeFury shirts. I’m sure I won’t manage to keep this up all year or take 365 images.  But its baby steps to being comfortable with seeing images of myself.

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