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Beer of the Month: Cameron’s Lager

On the weekend Andrew and I relaxed while watching curling and sampled a couple more of the beer of the month club brews.  This time I tried the Lager by Cameron’s Brewing Company.  Similar to their Auburn Ale, the Lager has recently underwent a rebranding and is now known as “Cameron’s Captain’s Log Lager.”  By the looks of it the rebranding resulted in all their beers having slightly punny names.  My sense of humor approves even if the names are almost groan inducing.

I was pleasantly surprised by this selection.  I tend to shy away from lager style beers as they often have a harsher taste that I don’t particularly enjoy.  This lager was smooth drinking with a clear crisp finish.  It poured with almost no head and was a light straw colour.  The lightness of this selection reminded more of a pilsner than what I typically associate with a lager.  And given my preference that’s more than okay.  But if you’re expecting a hard hitting lager I’d recommend searching elsewhere.

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