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Choir Reflections and the North Channel Community Singers

Dress Rehearsal for Spring Concert.

Dress Rehearsal for Spring Concert.

This past week the local community choir which I’ve been part of for the past number of years held their Spring concerts.  Based in Thessalon the North Channel Community Singers is a fun, non-competitive choir that invites participation from anyone with a love of music.  Though the average age of the choir’s members is much older than me they have been extremely welcoming from the start.  Members have repeatedly insisted that no exceptional musical skill is required and anyone who wants to join is welcome.  Despite this seemingly free-for-all I am constantly surprised by the quality of the music put on by the choir.

As our Spring choir concerts approached I had flashbacks to the church choir, children’s choir, and youth choir I was part of in my younger years.  Sensible rules like only using pencil to mark your music, the need to memorize music, and similar songs we sang were some of the things that came to mind.  I was also reminded of the guidelines around uniform dress, performance hair, and avoiding dairy products before concerts.  A drastic change to a community choir where memorization isn’t required and everyone’s performance clothes look slightly different.

I’ve enjoyed participating in this range of choirs – church, community, and competitive.  All come with different expectations, highlights, and downsides.  Though in all cases I still insist that altos have more fun. The small alto section of the North Channel Community Singers has repeatedly been a pick me up on Tuesday nights and a great source of laughter.

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