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Mothers’ Day Tea Goodness

IMG_20160508_095323For Mothers’ Day Andrew and Little Miss surprised me with a homemade Doctor Who themed card and a whole lot of tea.  Pretty much the perfect gift in my mind and encompasses two of my favourite things.  The tea gift included a number of selections from Teavana which I’m still working my way through.

The first tea I’ve tried was the classic Earl Grey Creme (EGC) black tea.  I love my Earl Grey tea generally and it’s one of the DavidsTea selections I’ve come to enjoy on a regular basis.  (Yes, I have a tea addiction…I’m okay with that.)  The Teavana Early Grey Creme selection includes vanilla which mellows the dominant flavour of the bergamot.  Which I gather is the idea behind EGCs generally, it has the potential to be a subtler version of Earl Grey.

This was decent a cuppa.  But I love a strong cup of Earl Grey so EGCs probably aren’t being marketed to me.  I did like the subtle flavours and additional depth in this tea, but missed the strength bergamot that is in some Early Grey teas.

On to more tasty teas.

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