Beer of the Month: Red Maple Ale

StonehammerThe second Stonehammer Brewing selection this month was Red Maple Ale, an ale style beer that was brewed with locally sourced maple syrup. I had no idea there were categories for maple/honey beers at so many beer contests — but there are and apparently this beer has won a handful of awards.

When I think of maple syrup I think sweet tasting.  I had anticipated the Red Maple to have a sweet aftertaste to it and oddly enough it doesn’t.  The ale has a very bitter finish and if you’re craving maple syrup this isn’t the way to go — it’s hard to pick out the maple among the other flavours.

The beer poured a very dark red, almost brown colour with minimal head.  Aroma wise there was a hint of hops and maple and a lot of malt.  This beer was surprisingly subtle and is a good balance of bitters, malt, and sweet. It tastes more like a classic red ale than a proudly maple beer – but it works and it was surprisingly smooth drinking.

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