Packing Up and Headed Out

Overstuffed-LuggageRemember back in August when I wrote about my commute, community, and making connections? As might have been evident by that post Andrew and I had been talking for awhile about what possibilities might work best for our family.  After a lot of discussion (and more than one pro/con list) we decided to start looking at houses in the Soo…initially just to see what was out there.  In mid-October we put an offer in on a house and after what seemed like an eternity we found out in late November that it had been accepted and that the owners had removed their conditions on the offer.  We’re moving at the end of this month.

This has meant a few things – lots of packing has been going on in our current house, we’ve been looking at daycare options for Little Miss, and thinking about how our schedules will change with the move.  It’s definitely going to take some getting used to but I am relishing in the idea that I’m going to have two additional hours a day that were previously spent in a car.  I’m hoping this means we get to spend more time together as a family, that I won’t be as exhausted after the work/drive, and that we can explore new routines.  I’m also excited about exploring a new public library, finding new trails to hike and bike in the summer, and new places to walk.  I’m also hoping to cook more (I think Andrew is hoping for that one as well).

This was the first time I’d actually looked at houses – despite being over 30 I’d never bought a house on my own or looked for one.  It was an interesting experience.  We looked at around ten houses and that experience helped clarify for us our priorities and must haves.  The house we ended up picking still has a bit of a rural feel to it despite being within city limits, it has a decent sized lot with outdoor space, and is going to give us a bit more breathing room inside the house.  Adventures and new challenges are coming and even though the actual moving part is still a bit daunting I’m looking forward to starting something new.

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