Medicine, Energy and More

It’s been a challenging week in some ways.  I find myself more and more concerned about the welfare of others these days, and there are lots of people in the world who need our concern.  On a personal level I have had the following information come to me this week: an old family friend has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has opted for medically assisted death to take place later this afternoon, a good friend from school has a partner who has been fighting cancer for many years now and is still going through debilitating bouts of chemo and it’s extremely hard on everyone in their family, and one of the children (well adult aged child) of a former school classmate who I didn’t know too well was hit by a car and is in extreme medical distress.

Each of these don’t really affect my day to day life in a tangible way – these people all live far from me and I don’t see them often or in some cases ever, and yet they do affect me.  Part of the explanation for that connection these days is the gifts I’ve been given through the courses I’ve been taking in Reiki energy healing with Anne-Marie here in the Soo.  If you aren’t familiar with Reiki and what it involves there’s a good description here, on the website of another participant in the Level 1 course I took last year.  This month I completed the Level 2 course and one of the main aspects learned is the use of distance healing.  This means that the Reiki practitioner can connect energetically with a person at any distance and channel healing energy to them.  I have really enjoyed this method, even more so than the in-person “laying on of hands” process learned in the first course.  So this week I have been having healing sessions with the three people I mentioned above (and others), and it’s provided lots of insight and learning.  The nature of Reiki is such that a session provides healing for both the person receiving the energy as well as the person channeling it, so it helps me along with those I connect with.  Additionally it’s been wonderful to feel that I might actually be able to help people who need it and enjoy that sense of purpose that goes along with it.

Just another piece of my journey through life.  Enjoy your journey wherever it takes you.

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