built in drawer unit

Built-in Drawers Project

Here’s a project I completed a few weeks back and it’s one I really enjoyed.  I enjoyed it for a number of reasons:  it gives us more storage space in our fairly small bedroom, makes use of previously wasted space, and was completed with only things that I already had laying around the house and garage.

The project idea came about because I noticed that there was some unused space behind one of the walls of our bedroom.  The bedroom is a couple of steps below the adjacent spare bedroom and below the closet in that bedroom I found some space about a foot and a half high and 8 feet long. Fortunately I had access from behind in the basement to determine that there wasn’t anything in the way and I could figure out where the best places to cut the holes in the wall would be.

empty space behind the wall

Also, when we moved into this house there was an old dresser left behind that we didn’t really have any use for.  Putting these 2 things together a project idea was born.  Here’s the dresser with most of the drawers removed.

old dresser

The next step was to cut the dresser apart.  I used 2 of the drawers and the existing dresser structure (slides, top, sides etc.).  After cutting everything apart some additional pieces needed to be added to make sure that the drawer slide structure wasn’t compromised.

cutting the dresser

Once that was completed the sections were fitted into the spaces inside the wall, and attached to the floor with wood screws to keep them from moving around

first section in placeboth drawers in place


The next step was trimming out around the edges to provide a nice built-in look.  I had old door framing materials that I cut to size and installed using a nail gun.  There was lots of patching to do with wood filler, as you can see, since I was using reclaimed materials. I also removed the existing drawer pulls because they weren’t all the same and filled the extra holes with wood filler.

trimming it out

After sanding the trim the final step was to paint the drawers and the trim.  Oh, I actually bought the paint for this, but I was planning to buy it anyway to refinish our outdoor bar stools, so I didn’t (really) lie about using only materials on hand!  Here’s the final product!

built in drawer unit

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