Our Family

Andrew is is a web developer/programmer for the Canadian Wildlife Federation. He also spends time pursuing a variety of passions including kayaking, hiking, photography and music. Andrew also paints in his free time.  To see some of his artwork visit artisblind.com

Krista is a public historian and archivist.  Her favourite things include dragons, cats, books, and tea.  For her more history focused writing visit her blog at kristamccracken.ca

Little Miss is the ruler of the T-Patch.  She loves the outdoors, laughing, and music.

Bacon moved to Oslicken Acres in the winter of 2013 when she was brought home from the farm.  In 2017 she moved with us to Sault Ste. Marie. If she is outside look up.  She is an avid climber and is often found hanging-out precariously in an apple tree.

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