The Move to The Soo

In 2017 our little family decided that having Krista commute over 2 hours to work and back each day was just too much.  So we decided to start the search for a new home in Sault Ste. Marie.  We settled on a house right on the edge of the city, a short <10 minute drive for Krista to work and a fibre optic connection to the internet for Andrew’s work.  Our neighbourhood is a nice compromise between the countryside we left and the city life we are coming to embrace.  The house we bought has a chicken coop and even came with chickens from the previous owners – something we didn’t experience while we lived in the country!  The houses are further a part than many parts of the city and, somewhat strangely, a number of our neighbours have full sized tractors tucked away in the garage.  When they go driving by it brings back memories of our time living on Oslicken Acres™.  We also still have a mail box on a post at the end of the driveway.  We like to refer to our little neighbourhood as the “T-Patch”.  The Soo has a popular neighbourhood known as the P-Patch, due to all of the street names starting with the letter P.  The 3 streets in our area all start with T so I figure this could be the next up and coming desirable area of the city! 🙂  We do miss many aspects of our quiet countryside paradise, but this works much better for our current life.