Oslicken AcresAlthough we no longer live on the property we still own it and visit when we can! You can find Osliken Acres™ nestled amongst the rugged northern landscape of Thessalon, Ontario. Traveling toward the centre of the property, visitors are greeted by an expansive open space surrounded by dense forest and a natural pond. The name Osliken Acres™ pays tribute to the mysterious osliken™ bird. The osliken™ was given it’s name based on it’s combination of ostrich and chicken like attributes. Where the “L” in the name came from still remains a mystery but perhaps it denotes the bird’s finger lickin’ good qualities. Official credit for the naming of the osliken™ goes to Brian Morcombe. Oslicken AcresIn many circles the osliken™ is more well known as a sandhill crane — but we still prefer to call them osliken™.

Looking for Andrew and Krista’s wedding site?  Fear not, it isn’t gone forever. We’ve archived it and you can access it here.


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