Beer of the Month: Cameron’s Auburn Ale

CameronsAuburnAleThe second set of beers in the most recent beer of the month shipment were from Cameron’s Brewery. Based in Oakville, Ontario the family run craft brewery has been around since 1997 and  is dedicated to creating quality all natural brews.

So far I tried their Auburn Ale, which based on their website has recently been rebranded.  Actually as I’m writing this, it looks like they launched their new brand yesterday, so very recently. The Auburn Ale has been renamed as the “Ambear Ale”.  And yes, the new branding includes a can with a bear on it – so the new name is just as punny as you thought it sounded.

This beer was darker than an anticipated and poured a dark copper colour. The head was very thin and it had a mild citrus smell.  It had a very mild hops falvour that hung out in the background with the taste of malt and caramel taking centre stage.  Smooth drinking with a surprising amount of depth that isn’t found in a lot of more generic amber style beers.