Goose Island IPA

Another Christmas tall boy that I just got around to sampling.  The Goose Island IPA is made by the Goose Island Beer Company.  This is one of the few IPAs they carry in the Thessalon LCBO so I’ve tried it before.  But it’s been awhile and I didn’t really remember how it tasted.

An English style IPA that pours a light golden colour with very white head. As as I opened it I was a bit overwhelmed by the citrus hop smell.  Thankfully the taste wasn’t so abrasive – it was definitely hoppy but had a subtle pine flavour as well.  The citrus notes continued to pretty strong throughout the drink and it had a bit of a bitter finish.  The first few sips were a bit harsh but as I continued it kind of grew on me. But it was definitely more of a single beer in a sitting type of drink and predictably Andrew definitely wasn’t a fan.

Rumor has it that our latest beer of the month shipment just arrived so there should be new tasty beer in my future.