Advent Tea 20: Moment of Zen

The name of this tea reminded me of Buddha’s Blend – same calming idea behind the name I suppose. This green tea is scented with jasmine, blackberries, mallow blossoms, cornflower blossoms, natural blackberry flavouring. The loose leave tea was pretty to look at it had pops of blue and purple among the darker tea leaves.

This was a fruity green tea and had a dominant blackberry taste with a hint of jasmine. It brewed a nice green colour and had a fairly fragrant floral smell.  An okay green tea but leaned fairly heavily toward the herbal tea side.

Advent Tea 16: Japanese Sencha

I love that this tea is simply green tea.  No added ingredients no attempt to be something it isn’t.  Just wholesome green tea. After reading about the tea I was careful not to over steep the brew and tried to make sure my water wasn’t super hot.  It steeped a nice light green and had a lovely grassy earth flavour.  A good green tea.

Despite my watchful eye while steeping I should have used one of my finer infusers.  The one I used this morning has larger holes that some of my finer metal based ones which resulted in my tea having bits of leaf floating around in it.  Not a huge deal, but something to remember if I brew it again.  The bit of floating leaf actually reminded me of being served tea in Ireland and it taking me a second to realize that it was loose leaf and I needed to pour through a filter.

Advent Tea 13: Buddha’s Blend

Anything with the name Buddha in it has a tendency to remind me of the Laughing Buddha in Sudbury and the tasty pizza that could be procured there. Today’s tea, Buddha’s Blend, is a mixture of white tea and green tea with jasmine pearls, white hibiscus blossoms, and natural and artificial flavouring.

The tea smells sweet, juicy, and a bit like peach.  It has a floral smell and the floral note seems to be the strong point in the taste of the tea.  I think you need to be really careful of how long you steep this tea  – less would be more in this case – or else you’re going to end up with a floral, perfume tasting beverage that isn’t particularly enjoyable.  The more bitter aspects come out in the tea came out as it cool, so I’d recommend not leaving the tea to sit while you do other things around the house…as I normally do.

But if you like floral or the fake peach flavour that was so common the peach fountain drinks of our childhood, this is probably you a good tea for you.  Otherwise I’d recommend doing a very light steep as the taste is a bit overpowering.

Advent Tea 12: The Spice Is Right

When I told Andrew the name of today’s tea he made a Price is Right pun.  It can’t be a bad tea if it’s pun worthy, right? This green tea has cinnamon, orange peel, cloves, and chili pepper.  The dry leaves are very fragrant and smell spicy with a touch of sweet cinnamon.  The smell mellow a bit when brewed but it still has a hint of orange and cinnamon fragrance.

The cinnamon is the dominant flavour in the tea with the cloves and orange barely noticeable.  It’s a sweet blend that could probably use some of the tartness from the orange. Kind of like a cup of spice with a bit of tea.

Advent Tea 8: Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Tea.

Cherry Blossom Tea.

As soon as I saw the name of today’s tea I figured it would be one I didn’t enjoy.  I don’t tend to like fruity teas. Though I was intrigued by the fact that Cherry Blossom was a white tea and not a herbal tea – maybe there was hope?

Cherry Blossom is a mixture of white tea, green tea, cherries, coconut chips, rosebuds, natural and artificial cherry flavouring.  I anticipated the tea being red in colour from the rosebuds and the cherry flavouring.  The dry tea is pretty neat looking with pops of colour provided by the rosebuds.  Surprisingly when brewed it’s an off white shade and the smell is a mixture of floral and cherry, it doesn’t smell like cough syrup like most cherry teas tend to.

As predicted I wasn’t a huge fan of this tea.  The cherry wasn’t overpowering but it provided a bittersweet flavour to the tea that I didn’t enjoy. I’m also not a huge fan of hidden coconut so no surprise that this isn’t going to be added to my preferred tea list.

Advent Tea 7: North African Mint

Yesterday’s tea was my favourite calendar tea to date so this morning’s tea had a bit of work to do to impress me.  The organic North African Mint has a slight minty smell and I had hopes that it would be green tea tasting with a hint of mint.  The flavour I associate with green tea is very subtle in this brew and is overpowered by mint, reminding me more of an herbal mint tea than anything.

This green tea has mint, cardamom, ginger and licorice.  There is also fennel, clove, and black pepper in the tea but it’s hard to make out those bits in the dry tea and I didn’t really get a taste of any of those ingredients.  Even the ginger and licorice taste are fairly muted with the mint overpowering everything. It’s a good mint tea – but I think as mint tea’s go I still prefer the St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters T Line peppermint tea if I’m looking for a soothing, stomach calming tea.

Advent Tea 4: Organic Sweet Almond Green

On the four day of tea, advent tea brought to me an organic sweet almond green tea. I blame CBC for the Christmas style introduction – their radio programming was very holiday centric this morning.

I find flavoured green teas often miss the mark.  The flavour tends to be overpowering and the tea ends up being more like a herbal tea than a green.  The sweet almond green seems to have struck a good balance of added sweetness and green tea goodness.

The tea had a sweet smell and tastes of almonds with green tea.  So the name is pretty accurate.  Good without any additives…though I’m probably a poor judge considering I drink all of my tea plain.