Hop City Brewing Co: HopBot IPA

HopHopBot IPA. A catchy, rhyming name.  And as an added bonus the can had a picture of a robot holding a hop on it.  It made me picture a brewery that is very futuristic and completely run by robot overlords.  Though that’s probably just my overactive imagination drawing on all the sci-fi I’ve been consuming recently.

I’ve previously tried the Barking Squirrel Lager by Hop City.  I’ve had it both in a can and on tap.  I remember being mildly disappointed that for a beer made by a company with hop in the name that it wasn’t particularly hoppy.  So I was hoping that HopBot would have a stronger hop note.

Brewed as an American IPA HopBot is made with a combination of five different West Coast hops. It poured an amber colour with moderate head that lasted for a few minutes after pouring.  It smelt and tasted slightly cirtus with a fairly mild hop note.  The malt and fruity notes balance out the hop flavour – so it isn’t a hit you over the head with hops kind of IPA.  It was smooth drinking and might be a good choice if you tend to like milder IPAs.  A decent beer.