Old Tomorrow Pale Ale

OldTomorrowThis was one of those impulse purchases.  It was located right by the cash in the LCBO and I’ll admit to buying it because it had a Prime Minter on the can.  The funny part being that Andrew bought a can a couple of days later for me, also because there was a Prime Minter on the can.  Apparently he knows my love of history pretty well.

Old Tomorrow is brewed by Old Tomorrow brewing.  The company is named after one of John A. MacDonald’s nicknames. He’s not one of my favourite Prime Ministers (yes, I have a few) — but it’s a neat to see the historical connection being made.  The Pale Ale is marketed as a Canadian Pale Ale and is blending of American and English pale ale styles.  It’s made with two row barley, rye, and a blend of North American and UK hops.

For an impulse buy this was pretty decent.  It was moderately hoppy, smooth, and had a clean finish. It poured a light clear colour with moderate head. After doing some reading a few people suggested to serve it moderately warm (or at least not as chilled as you would typically serve American beer).  I immediately associate warm beer with British styles and apparently it helps bring out different flavours in the brew.