Muskoka Brewery: Detour

detourDespite having enjoyed Detour by Muskoka Brewery periodically since the summer I haven’t written about it yet.  I’m not entirely sure why.  Maybe because it’s by a more run of the mill brewery and is easily accessible everywhere.  Regardless, it’s tasty and is a drink that I keep coming back to.

Detour is an unfiltered IPA sessionable style beer that has been dry-hopped.  The unfiltered style means it pours slightly cloudly, it’s a warm yellow tone and has a bit of foam on the top when poured.  It has a citrus smell and slightly citrus taste and the hops are mild enough to not be overpowering.  Andrew can drink a bit of it without being overwhelmed by the hops — which is how I usually judge if something is uber hoppy or not.

It’s a nice smooth brew that I enjoyed many a day on the dock, deck, or Muskoka chair. I’ve gone back to to it a few times, suggesting that it holds up to multiple sittings and is something I would definitely buy again or recommend to anyone interested in a mild IPA.