Beer of the Month: Syndicate Brewing

The other two beer selections in the recent beer of the month shipment were from Syndicate Brewing in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Both beers were simply named and their labels were very plain — I like to think that more effort went into the brewing than into the marketing of these beers. In a nice turn of fate Andrew and I were able to enjoy a couple of beers on the porch.  It was finally warm enough to sit outside in the evening…and there weren’t any bugs yet.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

The first of the two beers was simply titled “ESB” after the Extra Strong Bitter style of beer.  It poured  a dark copper colour, with a finger of bright white head, and lots of carbonation.  As anticipated it had a slightly bitter smell and a bit of a bitter kick in its taste.  After a couple of sips the bitterness settled and the beer was surprisingly smooth drinking.  I enjoyed it.

The second beer from Syndicate Brewing was the dark beacon porter.  Andrew really enjoyed this selection. It poured a dark brown almost black colour and was full bodied with subtle coffee notes.  I wasn’t a huge fan, but that probably had more to do with not typically liking porters in general and nothing against this specific brew.