Beer of the Month: Peace Wheat and Longwoods Lager

The most recent beer of the month delivery included two beers from Strathroy Brewing.  We’ve had a few beers from this particular brewer in the past as part of the beer of the month club and didn’t mind them.  This month’s selections were a similar experience — they were decent but didn’t stick out in my mind as fantastic.

The 1915 Longwoods Lager poured a pale yellow with minimal head.  It had a clean taste to it with a slightly citrus note and was very smooth for a lager.  No harsh aftertaste or bitter notes.  Fairly run of the mill but perfect on a sunny day.  Andrew and I enjoyed the first sample of this beer under a shady tree in Muskoka chairs – perfect drink for that kind of afternoon.

The 1815 Peace Wheat ale was a much darker colour than I would have anticipated.  It was also slightly bitter which is a bit unusual for a Belgian style ale.  There was a malt note and a very flight bit of hops in the taste.  Similar to the Longwoods Lager this was a very smooth drinking selection that was good but not exceptional.

Beer of the Month: Strathroy Brewing

IMG_20160212_190628Andrew and I finally got around to trying some of the beer that was delivered the last week of January.  This month’s selection included two beers from Strathroy Brewing.  Back in September we tried the 1815 Lockstock Ale by Strathroy Brewing.   As soon as I saw the bottle label for these couple of beers I remembered that we’d sampled something from this brewer before — the images of the griffin/almost dragon looking creatures on the labels apparently stuck with me.

The first selection from Strathroy this month was the Hop Happy Haymaker.  It poured with very minimal head and was an amber colour.  It smelt more hoppy than it tasted and had a slightly citrus undertone.  It wasn’t quite hoppy enough to fall into the IPA category in my mind and was more of a mild APA style beer.

Andrew tried the other Strathroy beer this time so I can’t really comment on it, but it was a darker style beer and he seemed to enjoy it.