Beer of the Month: Rye Knot and Red Cream Ale

We’re a bit behind on the beer of the month consumption.  I think this beer might have arrived in November but I just got around to sampling it last week. Two of the selections in this shipments were by Taps Brewing Co.  from Niagara Falls.  By the looks of it Taps is a brew up that does a bit of side business in bottled and growler beer.

The Rye Knot brew poured a hazy slightly dark colour with a rye, spicy, and slightly hoppy smell. The slightly citrus taste combined with the rye notes surprised me a bit.  I normally associate citrus with a much lighter style of beer. We’ve tried a few rye beers in recent months.  They are an interesting mix of flavours and have a range of depth to them.  This was an okay rye beer, not my favourite but not bad.

Andrew sampled a couple of the Red Cream Ales from Taps. He liked them but each time he opened the beer there was way too much carbonation and head ended up going everywhere.  Even when poured there was far too much head (eg. almost a whole glass of head).  We’re not sure if we got a bad batch or what, but it definitely wasn’t a great drinking experience.

Now to keep tackling the beers that were Christmas gifts.