Mead Braggot

A few years ago while visiting Traverse City I tried some cherry wine.  I tried mostly because Traverse City is well known for the cherries grown in the region and I figured where else am I ever going to try cherry wine.  It was super sweet.  Okay but not something I’d ever feel the need to try again.  However, when I finished the glass the waiter asked me my thoughts on the wine and suggest trying cherry mead.

I was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.  And put me on a hunt for learning more about mead. Mead is typically a fermented honey based beverage and is sometimes made with various fruits, spices, grains and hops. Trafalgar Ales and Meads is one of the few craft breweries in Ontario that regularly makes mead and you can usually find it in the LCBO regardless of the time of year.

I’ve had their Mead Braggot a couple of times recently.  It’s not as good as that cherry mead – but tasty. Braggot is a style of mead that incorporates hops or malt, you can taste a bit of this combined with a sweet note. It pours a hazy brown with almost no head.  The ale style of a braggot makes this kind of beer like and not quite a great mead.  The ginger mead by Trafalgar is more balanced.

Onward to find more mead.