• Where will the wedding be held?

    The ceremony and reception will be held in Krista & Andrew’s backyard at 136 North Livingstone Rd, Thessalon, Ontario (a.k.a. Oslicken Acres™). Approximate driving times from various destinations:
    Toronto: 7hrs
    Sudbury: 2.5hrs
    Sault Ste. Marie: 1hr
    Vancouver: 37hrs

    There is also an airport in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario with regular connecting flights from Toronto through Porter or Air Canada.

    What should I wear?

    The ceremony and reception are both taking place in our backyard. We invite people to dress in smart casual or however they feel most comfortable. Although the lawn appreciates being aerated we recommend avoiding high heel shoes.

    What is the weather like in Thessalon in September?

    Depending on the year, it can be on the chilly side in the evening. So plan ahead and bring a sweater or jacket. The reception tent will have sides that can be closed in the evening and we plan on having a bonfire.

    What should I expect at the wedding?

    The ceremony and reception will take place outdoors, with a large tent setup to help provide some protection from the elements. For more details about the schedule of events click here. In lieu of wedding favours the couple has made a gift to Rainbow Camp on behalf of all of the attendees. This is a local organization doing important work in our community.

    Will there be a safe ride home program?

    Yes. Please don’t drink and drive. A bus will be available to drive people to Thessalon and surrounding areas at the end of the evening.

    Do you have suggestions of other things to do while we're in the area?

    Indeed! Click here

    What the heck is a Delorean?

    That's the car that was made into a time machine in the classic movie "Back to the Future", a favourite of both the bride and groom.

    Ok, well then what's this oslicken™ you speak of?

    The whole story can be found here.

    Sounds good - do I need an invite to attend?

    I'm afraid so. Any crashers or invited guests who neglect to RSVP should bring their own chair and a sandwich.